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Showbox App Download the latest version. Let me guess are you someone who is quite fond of TV shows, web series, documentaries, latest and exclusive movies. So let me tell you, my dear friend, you have landed at the right place, here you will not only get an amazing app like Showbox APK which comes up such digital content but also can get applications from various domains like technology, gaming, entertainment and many other.

Showbox apk

I am pretty sure that you must have tried many live streaming applications before arriving at this platform, all I can assure you is that you will get an amazing application Showbox absolutely free of cost. This Showbox application comes up with amazing and advanced features like live streaming, great sound quality, Chromecast support and many other amazing and mindblowing features.

What is ShowBox APK all about?

Just imagine watching your favorite TV show anywhere anytime completely for free and with mindblowing features like hundreds of subtitles supported, friendly user interface and whatnot. Yes Showbox APK is an amazing application where you can watch your favorite content totally for free from all across the world. Features like Chromecast support with which you can watch any content even on the big screen like TV whenever and wherever you want. Some more amazing features like good sound quality, high-quality picture quality, and many more advanced features.

Key Features of ShowBox APK

  1. Download videos directly
  2. More than 100 languages offered
  3. No subscription cost
  4. Live streaming support
  5. Latest movies and web shows
  6. HD quality content
  7. More than 100 channels
  8. Quick updates
  9. Lightweight application
  10. Chromecast support
  11. Friendly user Interface
  12. Good sound quality
  13. Offers sub-titles in many languages
  14. Built-in video player
App NameShowBox APK
App Size 12.7 MB
Required Android Android 5.0 and above
Downloads10 Million +
Root RequiredNo
Version 10.14.0 (53676094)
Last Updated1 day ago
Category Apps,Entertainment

How to install ShowBox APK

  1. Download the ShowBox App file from the download link anywhere from this page or simply click here.
  2. The second step is to tick the option of Unknown sources from the settings of your android phone. Simply go to settings then go to security options and tick mark the option of unknown sources from there. This is mainly covered for security purposes in order to notify the user. This point is needed to attain permission so that the app can easily run on your device by asking permission.
  3. Now simply install the ShowBox APK file from the folder where your all downloaded files go.
  4. Open the ShowBox Application once it is installed, log into your account or create new and further enjoy the amazing features of the ShowBox APK application.

Screenshot of App

Key Features in Detail about ShowBox APK

Download videos directly -> Unlike many live streaming applications, this application of ShowBox gives an amazing feature of downloading any video directly to your phone. Just imagine you are busy in some of your stuff and can’t watch your favorite content at the moment in this case either yo miss your content or leave your important work aside and watch it. But with this application, you can download your favorite content and watch it anytime or anywhere you like as per your dependency on work.

More than 100 languages offered -> Yes with ShowBox there is no language barrier as it offers more than 100 languages support and various channels with such languages on their platform. Whether you know a particular language or not you will easily adapt to this application.

No subscription cost -> If you have ever used any live streaming application like Hotstar or any then you must have come across this issue of subscription where you need to pay a minimum cost annually or monthly in order to avail of their services. But now with Showbox application, you can reveal all their premium and non-premium services absolutely free with no hidden charges or subscription fees.

Live streaming support -> Many live streaming applications offering digital content dealing with entertainment documentaries and fiction usually become very unresponsive when live streaming occurs on their platform.  problems like crashing lagging and unresponsiveness mainly occur in various live-streaming applications. With the Showbox application, live stream support has been put on a high priority. To overcome such problems of crashing, lagging and unresponsiveness developers of Showbox application have managed to make this application free from all these problems.

Latest movies and web shows ->  With the Showbox application the end-user gets to watch the latest and exclusive movies from all around the world of all formats.

HD quality content -> Yes with the Showbox application you get to watch content in high definition like 360 pixels, 480 pixels, 720 pixels, 1080 pixels which makes the overall experience of a user great and nice.

More than 100 channels -> Many live streaming applications available in the market do not offer multiple choices to the user.  they offer a very limited number of channels even with particular subscription fees. But with Showbox application, you get to watch more than a hundred channels dealing in different languages and different domains. Channels of sports entertainment documentaries National Geography business news is available in this application.

Quick updates -> Operating system of the mobile phone needs update in a particular interval of time, in the same way, quick updates of the mobile application is also necessary in order to maintain the compatibility of the operating system.  many lives many applications available in the market do not give quick updates due to which the compatibility with the operating system becomes uneasy.  but with Showbox application, it office quick update in order to maintain the compatibility with the operating system.

Lightweight application ->  In order to give multiple services in a single platform it is a big task to make the application a lightweight.  Many live streaming applications available in the market do not offer lightweight applications due to which their application sometimes crashes while running.  problems like crashing lag in unresponsiveness become quite often with them. But with Showbox application, it is made very lightweight so you need not worry about these problems while using this application.

Chromecast support -> Chromecast support means that you can watch your content on a big screen with the help of chrome cast technology. This feature is not available in many live streaming applications available in the market.

Friendly user Interface -> Showbox application has got a very friendly user Interface which means whether a user has got prior experience of this application or not it will be very easy for him or her to use this application.

Good sound quality -> Many live streaming applications available in the market due to have a good quality sound in their application due to which user has to put on earphones in their ears to watch content, but in the case of ShowBox there is no need to put on earphones since the application comes with very good support of sound quality.

Offers sub-titles in many languages -> Many people using live streaming applications come across this problem of the language used in the content if it’s there local language then it is easily understandable but if it’s not then it creates a bad impression over them. To solve this problem Showbox application comes up with sub-titles in many local and non-local languages for the people who face any issue with foreign languages.

Built-in video player -> The Showbox application comes up with a built-in video player which means this application does not use external video player of the phone to play the content. Some times the compatibility issue arises with an external video player that is one of the reasons Showbox application uses a built-in video player to play content on its platform.

FAQs regarding ShowBox Application

What is the ShowBox APK all about?

Showbox APK is a mobile application that comes up with TV series, web shows, drama, serials and various kinds of documentaries and fiction in many languages. They offer subtitles with amazing and advanced features like chrome casting, better sound quality, high definition content, quick updates, direct downloading feature, and many others. The application in itself is a complete entertainment package to look for. The application comes up with some amazing high definition picture quality available in 360 pixels, 480 pixels, 720 pixels and many more.

Is it safe to use the Showbox APK?

Yes, it is completely safe and secure to use the Showbox APK on your mobile devices. The app has got more than 10 million-plus users worldwide. The reviews of the application are also pretty good on the play store. Your personal information is not at all provided to any third party at any cost.

How to use the Showbox app for PC?

There is no such app for PC since the Showbox application provides chrome cast support so with the help of that you can use this application in your PC also. Showbox app is also available for firestick. In the case of the tablet also it works fine.

Showbox alternative?

You may get many live streaming applications like the FreeFlix Tv appApne TV app available in the market but the kind of advanced features ShowBox provides is not possible for others to provide. Rated as one of the best live streaming application available in the market.

Does this app consume more data than other apps?

No, this APK does not consume a lot of data over the Internet. It is a complete myth spread by some of the miscreants in order to decrease the popularity of the Showbox APK. The amount of mobile data that is consumed in order for proper buffering is only consumed by the ShowBox TV app otherwise no extra data is consumed by the ShowBox TV application.

Will my personal data remain safe after using the Showbox app?

Yes, your personal data will always remain safe and secure after using the Showbox TV app. The credentials of your Showbox app account are not provided to anybody at any cost. There are always some people around who try to create a misconception about the application in order to decrease the popularity of the application.

Does Showbox Chromecast, ShowBox Streaming work properly?

Yes, the Showbox Chromecast, ShowBox Streaming works properly without any bugs like crashing or lagging like things. Whenever you feel like watching your favorite content on the big screen or on your television then simply use the feature of Chromecast available in the application.

Issues related to ShowBox on Xbox one.

There is no such issue related to Showbox on Xbox one. Earlier some issues were raised with Xbox one but later all those issues were resolved with time and they did not arrive again.

Availability of ShowBox on Samsung Android phones.

Yes, the ShowBox application is also available for Samsung Android phones. The Showbox application works perfectly fine with the Samsung Android phones or any other Android phone available in the market.

ShowBox for iPhone 7 or ShowBox for iPhone 8.

Yes, the Showbox application also works fine for iPhone 7 and also for iPhone 8. Not only with iPhone 7 or iPhone 8 the application works perfectly with all the variants of iPhone available in the market.

Availability of ShowBox for iPhone XR.

Yes, the ShowBox application is available for iPhone XR also and works smoothly with it. The application is very lightweight and works smoothly with all the variants of the iPhone available in the market.

Conclusion regarding ShowBox APK?

If you are someone who has got a lot of interest in TV series, films, dramas, drama, serials and various kinds of documentaries then you must have to try out this amazing application loaded with hundred of languages with subtitles and much more popularly known as the ShowBox APK application. The app also comes up with a lot of amazing features like chrome cast support, more than 100 channels and many other features like good sound quality, high definition picture quality, and whatnot.


The platform of neither support any kind of piracy nor endorse it. We highly recommend users to watch the TV-related content on TV or on the official website of that particular channel.